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April 8th, 2006

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11:49 pm - Hi there!
Hi everyone. I found this community while browsing LJ interests for "ftl" and I must say that a sci-fi writing community intensely piqued my interest. I go by the name Andreus, although Andrew will do as well. I'm an avid fan of various works of science fiction, particularly Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek and dystopian works such as Deus Ex, Equilibrium and The Matrix. I'm also deeply interested in fantasy literature (I'm a D&D fanatic, in case you were wondering). I'm also currently working on a space-opera universe I call Perihelion, and I thought I'd introduce myself by explaining it, seeing what you guys think of it.

Perihelion is set in the dawning years of the 28th century (specifically, 2703 CE). The majority of humanity no longer inhabits Earth - they've spread out to a small region of space commonly known as "The Arm", named for the Milky Way's Orion Arm, which the Sol system inhabits (it's actually a misnomer; known space for humanity encompasses a sphere of space about 100 light years in every direction from Sol - nowhere even approaching the size of the Orion Arm). Humanity is not unified, however; almost half a millenia ago, humanity fractured among racial and nationalistic divides into six distinct factions, which spread out from Sol into different parts of the cosmos, leaving the Earth behind for good.

Now, five centuries later, countless billions of humans live, work and play on an innumerable number of planets, moons and orbital colonies, in varying levels of technology, security and comfort. Quality of life for the average human being ranges from the squalid and rustic (for some long-forgotten colonies, technology has reverted to a bizarre mix of interplanetary spaceflight and iron-age survival practices) to the opulent and overwhelmingly advanced (many of society's rich elite have access to their faction's entire public information network with a single thought).

Countless systems swear allegiance to one of the six main stellar nations inhabiting the Arm:
- The Ascendant Federation, a predominantly Asian nation dedicated to the advancement of the human being by any and all means possible. They were involved in a war five years ago, details of which will follow.
- The Dawnstar Coalition, formed from the North American Alliance, a free and democratic (if slightly paranoid) republic. Their shoulder-rubbing with the radically different Ascendant Federation arguably caused the afformentioned war.
- The Europa Collective, a very large gathering of West European countries. A democratic republic like Dawnstar, yet more dedicated to the welfare and comfort of its citizens than anything else. Closely allied with Dawnstar and Kyoto Yoake.
- Kyoto Yoake, another Asian nation dedicated to scientific advancement. Sometimes accused of immorality, this civilization is nonetheless an avatar of the scientific method. It is argued by many historians that it was Kyoto's technology that won the recent war, more than anything else.
- The Interstellar Communist Union - the USSR of the space age. A constant worry to Dawnstar, the ISCU is perhaps the first truly Communist state, but is almost impossibly xenophobic and rarely lets anyone enter or leave its territories. Ironically, it's closest neighbour is the hypercapitalistic Schroeder Consortium.
- The Schroeder Consortium, predominantly Eastern European. Not a nation in the strictest sense of the word, but rather a very large number of megacorporations (each owning a member system) that have banded together out of tradition for mutual benefit. Seems to be on good terms with everyone, and remained strictly neutral in the recent war - war is bad for business.

These major factions are joined by a number of criminal organisations, and more importantly the bizarre Clans. It's not known exactly where the Clans came from, but every nation has their seperate suspicions. One theory places them as originating from a colony ship that got lost - another as expansionists from Earth bearing odd religious beliefs. Yet another places them as an extreme-deep-cover espionage project by one of the nations that went horribly wrong. What is known about them is that they possess a range of odd technologies, wildly differing (but always very outlandish) religious beliefs, and, more often than not, a passion for raiding, looting and slavery.

With all these differing viewpoints, goals and cultures squashed together in a space as small as the Arm, it's not surprising to see something like the Storm Conflict happen, but it was none the less shocking. It was originally a territory dispute between Dawnstar and the Ascendant Federation over a system called Storm, but quickly escalated into full-scale war for the system, with Dawnstar dragging in Europa Collective who in turn dragged in Kyoto to help. The war raged on for more than seven years before ending with a resounding yet bitter victory for the three allied factions against the Federation. Beaten and nursing injured pride, the Federation was forced to retreat.

There have been five years of relative peace in the galaxy, broken only now by a sudden resurgent crime rate among the various colonies. Rouge traders, smugglers and illegal production are at an all time high and there is seemingly very little that can be done by any authority to stem the tide. Yet, pardoxically, despite the supposed leech on its income by the various criminal elements, the Arm seems to be at its most prosperous for a century. Apparently, an ancient Chinese curse hurled as the Federation retreated from Storm - "may you live in interesting times" - seems to have come true. These are indeed interesting times. The Clans seem to be active again, and are on the move, leaving their old territories and striking out in various directions. Vicious intrigue between the various factions is reshaping the political landscape of the Arm, with mistrust and paranoia being the order of the day.

Dawnstar is calling Europa Collective's attempt to make good with the Federation fraternising with the enemy, while a worrying alliance between the Federation and ISCU seems to be forming. The true motives of the Schroeder Federation remain as inscrutible as ever, and God only knows what new weapons of mass destruction Kyoto are working on. Meanwhile, ordinary people eat, sleep and work as they always have, whether on the 200th floor of a habitation block or in a glass and cerasteel habitation pod 2 miles beneath the atmospheric boundaries of a gas giant, mining Helium-3.

These are very interesting times. Whether that's a good thing remains to be seen.

The primary format of this story right now is in a d20 Future campaign run on IRC, but I intend to do some writing on this at some point. I'm available pretty much any time for elaboration on some points of this universe.

EDIT: Also, appologies for the slightly sloppy writing style. I was a little tired when I was writing it.
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Date:April 9th, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC)

Sounds like fun...write a story I'll read it.

Okay so I don't belong to this community, and I was all...laadeda I like Ender's Game *reading Shadow of the Giant right now* so I'd check to see who else does too. Three groups popped up, two of them dead it seems and this one.

Yeah, uhm, Perihelion sounds cool...what's that mean? I should know I took astronomy but...apoligies only has one p, no?

Anyways, your universe sounds super cool, you should post some of your story up. If not...you should maybe let other play in it. Just a thought.
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Date:April 9th, 2006 07:35 pm (UTC)

Re: Sounds like fun...write a story I'll read it.

I've already got two people playing, looking for more players at the moment.

As for "perihelion", in an orbital system where the orbit path of an object (say, Earth) is not a perfect circle (in other words, it has an eccentric orbit), is the object's closest approach to whatever it's orbiting (say, the Sun). If you're interested, Earth's perihelion occurs in Janurary.
Date:April 9th, 2006 11:12 pm (UTC)
Wow. So have the people playing in your universe posted their stories? I'd love to read them.

I'm not that good at hard sf...would that matter?
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Date:April 10th, 2006 10:14 am (UTC)
Well, their stories centre around a rather beaten-up but still running Umbriel-class bulk freighter called the Forerunner. She's heavily modified and quite rough around the edges, but the crew love her and would probably die to protect her.

Aaod Berach is her pilot. He was originally from the Europa Collective military and served as a dropship pilot during the war. However, the horrors of the war turned him to drink, leading to many instances of him being drunk on duty, culminating in an ugly accident when he flew the disguised corvette he was flying backwards and got it wedged in the hull of a Charon-class cruiser. He was dishonourably discharged from military service at this point.

Koz is the ship's mechanic. She's from an independent colony in orbit of Arcturus. She's a pretty damn adept mechanic, which isn't surprising because the Arcturus Orbital Colony (sometimes known as the Ersatz Colony by its unfortunate residents) is always going wrong. Children there are taught from a young age how to fix all manner of life-threatening mechanical failures, since help might not get there in time otherwise.

Other crew members include three men from Dawnstar: Firstly Marcus "Winch" Winchester, the bright but annoyingly patriotic engineering assistant, who always seems to have a better poker hand than you do. Then there's Phillip Mayhew, the co-pilot, who was also a pilot during the Storm Conflict. He was discharged as well, honourably, although it was under mysterious circumstances which he refuses to disclose. Lastly, there's the manic-depressive teenage computer technician Michael Carmen, to whom dejection and swearing come as second nature.

A couple of more exotic members also grace the crew - their gunner is from ISCU, which is a rare thing. His name is Peter Zakharov but he's often referred to as "Fader" because of the odd way he pronounces his name. He loves the ship's plasma battery and a ballistic rifle that he says his father gave him, but there are some discrepencies in his story that make his crewmates a little suspicious. Lastly, there's Ebihara Ichiro, the ship's doctor, who's from Kyoto Yoake. Unlike most of the others, he knows why he joined up: he was sick of the unethical practices of medical system belonging to the planet on which he used to live and work. The fact that he's fallen in with a bunch of criminal misfits doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. He suffers from astigmatism and is a devout Bhuddist.

There is also another important group of characters - the Daniels brothers, Jonathan and Christopher, and their crew onboard a Hephaestus-class Corvette called the Chronos. However, they are a bit of a secret right now.
Date:April 11th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC)


This is really interesting...you've got your whole universe planned and the characters...that's pretty cool...but...have you written any stories yet?

I think it sounds really cool especially Michael Carmen and Ebihara Ichiro.

Aaod Berach...well...he's interesting a lot. I mean...he's a drunk but he is the pilot...which you'd think would lend itself to all sorts of mischief, and mayhem...LOL

You should totally write something. When you do let me know, I'd love to read it. Sounds like an interesting universe. Who're you're favorite Scifi authors?

I like Heinlein and Bradbury...but I read loads of other stuff too.
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Date:April 11th, 2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
If I can make a small confession I don't really find much time to read novels anymore, and the last real novel I read was the ninth book of Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, which I don't really think you could classify as sci-fi, honestly ;)
Date:April 11th, 2006 11:27 pm (UTC)
I haven't read Robert Jordan but yeah...LOL More like fantasy...but that stuff's easier to write, I mean magic you can make up, science you have to ground in fact.
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Date:April 12th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
Well I have to say Perihelion has a fair ammount of handwavium - FTL travel, a fairly reliable cloaking device, anti-gravity and a large device made of concentric rings that can stabilise a dying wormhole, so it's not all grounded in fact. Although nothing ever directly violates the really important rules of physics, like "you can't go faster than light", which I'm pleased about.
Date:April 12th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
Well, I guess when you put it like that...don't forget ansibles. Uhm...hmm...but you're working on theory too, I mean until it's unproven we don't know that wormholes aren't short cuts through space...maybe...or something...hmmm.

Maybe Scifi and Fantasy have more in common than I thought.
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